Onsite Maintenance Visit (OMV) - FAQ

Ben Greiner -

Let's be honest; no one looks forward to calling IT for help. If we can fix a problem ourselves, we will. However, today, with technology changes moving at a rapid pace, it is more critical than ever for employees to communicate with IT so we can help each other. One of the best ways to start a conversation is in person. Our Onsite Maintenance Visits (or OMVs) are an excellent way to start a conversation and keep it going. Below are some common questions we receive when it's time for a scheduled OMV.


Q: How are OMVs scheduled?
A: OMVs are pre-scheduled and recurring based on your support package and the number of devices in our system.

Q: How many visits do we get?
A: The number of OMVs delivered to your office is based on a combination of your support package and the number of devices in our system. 

Q: Why do we need these visits? 
A: Absolutely! These visits are a time to focus on maintenance and improving the technology in your office. These visits are a time to make a connection with your team — the people using technology — so they feel comfortable reaching out to us for assistance. These visits are essential to staying ahead of issues and concerns surrounding the support we provide.

Q: How disruptive are these visits?
A: Not disruptive at all. We start by checking-in with our Primary Contact. We then check-in with any available employees. If someone is at their desk, we say hi and ask if there are any issues we should address. If they are too busy or not at their desk, we move on. 

Q: How long will you take per Mac? 
A: We may visit only a few Macs or none at all. Our modern management and security tools have eliminated the need to ask people to step away from their Mac — unless specific assistance is requested.

Q: Some people will be out of the office. Should we reschedule?
A: There's a good chance someone will alway be out during a visit. Therefore we recommend only rescheduling if our Primary Contact will be unavailable. 

Q: What will you accomplish during these visits?
A: Although every office — and every office visit — is unique, we have developed an internal checklist to guide us. A few of the main tasks include:

  • Review the status of supported devices in our system.
  • Physically inspect hardware.
  • Review support requests. What can we do to move forward or resolve them?
  • Check-in with several people to ensure needs are met.

Q: We have too many employees for you to visit. How do you handle this?
A: In large offices, we often use a combination of personal visits and a "Genius Bar" set up in a designated area where anyone can stop by to ask questions and get face-to-face, personal assistance.

Q: Should we collect a list of technology issues to address during these visits?
A: OMVs are not the best time to address and resolve accumulated issues. Please encourage people to reach out to our Support Desk for assistance. It's best for all requests to be sent to us immediately so we can address them as soon as possible.


Please contact us for any additional or clarifying questions. Thanks!



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