What's Included in a Flat-rate?

Ben Greiner -

Our Flat-Rate Pricing allows us to delivers clearly defined and often requested Additional Work at a price built to produce the greatest value to our clients. 

It's human nature to trivialize the amount of time it can take to accomplish anything. Below is an example of what it takes to upgrade the Adobe Creative Cloud suite as part of a flat-rate Software Suite, Install or Upgrade.



Estimated Time Description
15 minutes Preparation to confirm the Mac — and employee — is ready for the upgrade.
15 minutes License creation/management in the Adobe Team portal.
30 minutes Installation, patching, and testing of requested Adobe applications.
15 minutes Update of font auto-activation plugins (if applicable).
10 minutes Old Adobe software cleanup.
15 minutes Follow-up Q&A: Full support for any immediate and future issues.
1 hour 40 minutes TOTAL


Current pricing is $100 for scheduled Core Maintenance packages, and free for Pro Support PLUS and VIP. Priority turnaround is available at $200 for scheduled Core Maintenance, $150 for Pro Support PLUS and $100 for VIP.


Save your employees over an hour and a half of time (many people will need more) and let Forget Computers take on the responsibility of upgrading your team’s software using our automated tools and hardened checklists.

  • Reduce the time your employees spend on unproductive tasks.
  • Reduce the downtime they have on their computer.
  • Eliminate the need to troubleshoot and resolve unexpected installation or licensing issues.
  • Have peace of mind that your team is licensed, up-to-date, and working most efficiently!



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