First Run 2.0

Ben Greiner -

Good news, everyone!

The Robot Cloud First Run has been completely refactored and is more powerful and feature-packed than ever.

What is First Run?

First Run is a provisioning Action available in Self Service to Macs that have been enrolled within the past seven days. The goal of First Run is to set up a Mac with all of the default settings, printers, security changes and applications with the click of a single button.

What has changed between the old First Run and the new First Run?

Pretty much everything. The previous First Run Action ran a limited subset of Actions and would present dozens and dozens of pop-ups in the upper-right corner of the screen. There was no way of knowing where you were in the list of running Actions, and it was extremely limited in what it could run because the parent application was Self Service.

The new First Run doesn't use Self Service at all, aside from providing the single button to kick off the provisioning. This method allows us to perform any and all Actions on a Mac in the order we want without having to guess where we are in the order, or wait another hour for everything else to install that wasn't previously scoped. (It also doesn't flat-out stop working or generate nonsense errors like Self Service.)

How do I run it?

  1. Enroll / Re-enroll a Mac.
  2. Launch Self Service and select "[ First Run ]".
  3. Self Service will close, and a highly-accurate up-to-the-second progress bar will pop-up showing you what is being installed/configured and how far along you are before it completes. 
  4. Once concluded, the progress bar goes away and a window presents the options to: Quit (you're done); View Log (see exactly what ran on the Mac); or Open Self Service (if you want to install additional items that were not a part of the scope. For example, Chrome or Flash). You could also Promote the Mac and run additional Adobe Creative Cloud installs — although ALL of these examples can be added to First Run!

Great! I know what it is and how I can run it. Anything else I should do?

Yes! If you're onsite at a client, you execute First Run, and you notice an application everyone needs is missing, let us know and we'll add it to future First Runs at that location. First Run can include things like printers, PowerPoint templates, or newer applications like Glip or RingCentral. Essentially, if you find you have to do something by hand, let us know, and we will work to automate it and make this automation even stronger. A good place to start is with our First Run forms.

I don't want to re-enroll my Mac to try this. Do you have a video?

You betcha! Watch it here. It's, unedited, showing that it took ~6 minutes to provision this Mac. If done by hand it would have taken about an hour. That's time you get back in your day you can spend trying to make Giphy show you something that matches your /command!

As always, please contact us if you have any suggestions for improvement!

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