Activate Your RingCentral Account

Ben Greiner -

  1. Look for the RingCentral invite email to activate your RingCentral account. After completing this task you can then use OneLogin (Single Sign On) for all RingCentral access going forward — if you use Single Sign On.
  2. Once you're logged into your RingCentral account, please confirm your extension and new direct dial number (although if you use your extension, then you won't even need to know your direct dial number).
  3. Within your account, please also explore and verify your Messages and Settings. Especially the Settings in these areas:
    1. Phones & Numbers >Find your Conference Number and codes here. (You can also find these in the RingCentral for Mac app ... login using "Single Sign On”).
    2. Messages & Notifications > Notifications.
    3. Outbound Caller ID.

In addition, here is a Quick Start Guide. Contact us with ANY questions.



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