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Any Support Team with hundreds or thousands of customers knows it can be time consuming to manually deliver Notifications. This is why many of the Robot Cloud Notifications are built to be delivered directly to Customers (vs Notifications for Admins). In addition, most Notifications can be automatically updated — and solved — without creating additional tickets.

Here's How it Works

The Robot Cloud Notification system will look for delivery instructions in the following order:

  1. SupportMenu with Zendesk Integration. If Robot Cloud finds this information then the Notification is immediately delivered directly to the Customer. A Customer must have SupportMenu installed and connected to Zendesk. You can use your own Zendesk account (recommended) or the one provided by Forget Computers.

  2. Your Email Notification Address. If this information is used, then the Notification is immediately delivered to the Email Notification Address you supplied at Robot Cloud sign-up. (You can change this address using the Support Info form.)

  3. The Forget Computers Support Desk. This is a failover address. If this information is used, then the Notification is sent to Forget Computers where the Forget Computers team manually reassigns and sends the notification to the appropriate Email Notification Address on file. A Notification delivered this way is processed only during business hours.

Have a suggestion for a new Notifications, or would you like to see a change to an existing Notification? Contact us!


Notification are triggered once per day, unless noted otherwise.



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