Storage Device Errors Found

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The storage device 'disk7s0' encountered 2 new errors while trying to read or write your data. Errors like this can occur if the storage device is unexpectedly removed or experiencing a hardware issue.

The exact name of this device is unknown as it was not connected at the time of this report.


• If you recently disconnected a device without ejecting it from your Mac, that may explain why the alert was generated.

• If this device was not recently disconnected, we recommend performing a surface scan to check for bad blocks.

• To perform a surface scan we recommend Drive Genius:

• As always, we recommend consulting with your IT team as a hardware repair may be required.


This is an automated Robot Cloud alert pertaining to the device listed below.

Device Name: [Name] 
Device Serial Number: [Serial Number] 
Storage Device Name: disk7s0
Storage Device New Errors: 2
Storage Device Total Errors: 2

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