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This is an automated Robot Cloud alert triggered on [Date] pertaining to the device, [Name] with the serial number, [Serial Number]:

Our automated software has found a directory error that requires repair. Please follow the instructions below to correct the error. The workstation will automatically reboot during this process, so please ensure all work is saved and and all applications are closed.

1. Launch Self Service from your SupportMenu (or Applications folder).
2. Locate Fix Directory Errors and click Run.

Location: [Location Name] 
Company: [Company Name] 
Membership: [Membership Level]

Below are the results of the scan that found the error:

Started file system verification on disk0s2 Macintosh SSD
Verifying file system
Using live mode
Performing live verification
Checking Journaled HFS Plus volume
Checking extents overflow file
Invalid sibling link
The volume Macintosh SSD was found corrupt and needs to be repaired
File system check exit code is 8

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    Ben Greiner

    This Notification is triggered monthly (if an issue is found).

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