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You've made a smart decision to invest in the power of Robot Cloud! Robot Cloud is easy to set up and start using. However, some groundwork must be laid to ensure you get the most out of your robot. Working together we will help you get up-and-running as soon as possible.


1. Enroll Your Macs

After signup your custom Mac Enrollment Package will be emailed to you. (Because this is a custom installer it can take up to two business days after signup to receive this.)

During enrollment, your Macs will be added to Robot Cloud as read-only, meaning device information will be added to Robot Cloud and you may receive notifications based on the results. However, no changes will be made. Once you have all (or a majority) of your devices enrolled, we will schedule a time to review and discuss Assignments (see below) and activate Actions — the power of Robot Cloud automation!


2. Complete First Run Forms

It's important to complete the two First Run Forms to get the most value out of your Robot. Whether you have one or multiple locations (buildings, departments or clients) Robot Cloud needs to know about them so your Macs can be assigned to the correction location and we can work together to fine-tune the Actions that run in each location.

After your locations are setup you can use the Set Location Action within the Self Service application to assign new Macs to the correct location:

  • Launch Self Service, look for the "Set Location" Action and click the "Choose" button.
  • You will be prompted to enter the client building name and if you'd like to add Actions or Inventory and Alerts.
  • If the client building and network information matches, the Mac will be immediately assigned and no further action is required.
  • If the information does not match, an alert will be generated and a Robot Cloud Admin will manually assign the Mac shortly.
  • Note: To ensure the quickest turnaround for enrollment, we suggest using our First Run Location Form — or contact us — to setup the client location in advance.

3. Verify Macs in Dashboard

  • Dashboard is the visual front end of Robot Cloud and will allow you to view the details of your enrolled Macs.
  • Once your first Mac has been enrolled, we will setup your Dashboard account and contact you with access credentials.
  • Note: When a Mac is first enrolled, it can take up to 1 hour to be visible in Dashboard.

4. More Data with Site Access

You've enrolled your Macs. We've worked together to create locations and you've verified this information in Dashboard. Now it's time to schedule a meeting to get Site Access to the JSS, in addition to basic training on how to use this information.


5. Activate Actions!

The final step is to review what you have and what you want to accomplish before we turn on Actions. Most organizations opt into all default Actions. However, there are sometimes use cases to opt-out. This is also a good time to talk about custom Actions. Custom Actions can be added to your Robot at any time — with advance notice and planning.

6. Ask Questions

Have more questions about Robot Cloud? Read our FAQ or contact us. Thanks again for joining the Robot Cloud community!


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