Office Exchange Program

Ben Greiner -

In an effort to expand communication between end-users and IT, we've expanded our Scheduled Onsite Maintenance Visits to include full days at your office!

The intention is not to get more work done, but rather to expose members of our team to the day-to-day tech-related challenges that come up in conversation within your office.

We want to get to know your office in more detail and get exposed to conversations that aren't typically brought to our attention. Think of it as ethnography research — or if that doesn’t get you excited, then think of it as a traveling Genius Bar sitting in your office.

Please don’t put us in the corner. Maybe the lunch room is best — where we can be exposed to more people and more opportunity for engagement. Don't have room in your office for us to hang for a day? No problem, we invite you to send someone to our office for a day. You’re representative will be exposed to topics of conversation that might spark an idea they can bring back to your office!

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