Oh, Adobe. Why mess with CS? [Creative Cloud]

Ben Greiner -

Adobe released new versions of the Creative Cloud applications on June 18th, changing the way their Creative Cloud model works. Adobe has yet to provide a method for administrators to remotely install the new 2014 versions, so installation is optional and manual at this time. If you choose to ‘Update All’ via the Creative Cloud app in your menubar, please be aware of three important obstacles:

  1. Installing the new 2014 version will download approximately 13GB from the internet and this may slow down the internet speed at your location.
  2. Third-party font management utilities have not yet been updated to take advantage of the new software, so font activation will be manual.
  3. Please ensure you have adequate available hard disk space before installing as the 2014 versions do NOT replace your existing software.

Here's what's new. If you don't need these new features we recommend waiting to "upgrade".

If you have any further questions, or feedback, or would prefer we perform the updates for you, please let us know!

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