Add Extended Support Hours to Your Support Package

Ben Greiner -

We work very hard to ensure there are no reasons for you to need support beyond 9 to 5 (CST), Monday through Friday. Having a process in place and “No Change Fridays” goes a long way to ensure that what works during the week, will continue to work during the weekend.

However, for anyone who puts in extra hours and wants additional piece of mind we have Extended Support Hours.

Add Extended Support Hours to your Support Package membership to ensure a guaranteed response on evening and weekends. Contact us to signup, or to ask any clarifying questions.



A ) Extend support beyond Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 (choose one):

  • 8AM5PM, additional $150/month, unlimited access.
  • 9AM6PM, additional $150/month, unlimited access.
  • 8AM–6PM, additional $300/month, unlimited access.

B ) Add Weekend Support Desk (choose one):
     Includes unlimited access 8AM–6PM, Mon–Fri. 

  • Saturday, 9AM–6PM, $350/month, plus $150/hour if support is used during this time.
  • Sat & Sun, 9AM–6PM, $450/month, plus $150/hour if support is used during this time.

C ) Go Crazy with 24/7/365 Access:
     Includes unlimited access 8AM–6PM, Mon–Fri. 

  • $650 per month, plus $150/hour outside of Mon–Fri, 8AM–6PM, if support is used.



All times are US Central Standard Time and require a phone call to our Support Desk (emails are not monitored after hours). Scheduled weekend rates are available upon request for special projects.


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