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Our Core Maintenance (the tried-and-true package we've been developing since 1998) and our brand spankin' new, all-inclusivePro Support Plus and VIP packages cover the bulk of support needs, and allow our clients to budget accordingly. However, unexpected or planned Additional Work is sometimes necessary. With our investment in powerful automation tools and our adherence to checklists templates, we're able to provide flat-rate pricing for more of our services. We like to know what things cost before we buy, and we believe our clients do too. That's why we developed flat-rate pricing for clearly defined and often requested implementations. Learn more about the value of our flat-rate pricing.




  Scheduled Scheduled PRIORITY * 
New Mac Setup: Designer $400 FREE $500
New Mac Setup: Non-Designer $300 FREE $400
OS X Upgrade (10.10 or 10.11 to 10.12)  $100 FREE  $200
OS X Upgrade (10.9 or older to 10.12)  $200 NA  $300
Single Application, Install or Upgrade $50 FREE $150
Software Suite, Install or Upgrade $100 FREE $200
New User Setup (on existing, managed Mac) FREE FREE $150
User Termination FREE FREE $100
All flat-rate pricing is based on remote delivery. If onsite service is required then hourly rates, and hourly onsite minimums apply.


New Mac Setup: Designer (See Form)
A "Designer" is anyone running Adobe Creative Suite (CS) or Creative Cloud (CC), or professional font management software. Take the hassle out of setting up a new computer. We will fully set up and configure your computer system for proper functionality. A Forget Computers Technician will:

  • Unbox and setup up your computer system.
  • Run Software Update and prepare machine for remote support.
  • Register AppleCare.
  • Patch, record and label all new Mac software (Windows and pre-existing Mac software not included. Additional software installation fees may apply).
  • Organize fonts as per office font management policy.
  • Configure and test Internet connection, e-mail account and printing.
  • Configure for office backup system.
  • Test workstation for proper functionality.
  • Transfer up to 200GB of data from the old machine. Additional data transfer is $100 per 100GB. Repurposing the old machine is not included.

New Mac Setup: Non-Designer (See Form)
A new Mac setup for a Non-Designer is the same as for a Designer, but excludes font management and patching or testing of pre-existing Adobe Creative software.

OS X Upgrade (See Form)
Upgrade from old versions of OS X to either El Capitan 10.11 or macOS Sierra 10.12. This is a remote install and a modern Mac, approved to run the latest version os macOS is required.

Software Install or Upgrade
Software updates (free patches) are always included free-of-charge as part of a Support Package. However, new software or purchased upgrades are considered Additional Work with the Core Maintenance Package. Software Installation covers one application. Software Suite Installation covers multiple applications in a suite (such as Adobe Creative Suite). In both cases we will install, configure, update your software and provide ongoing support via our Support Desk. Software not included.

New User Setup (See Form)
Save money by contacting us early the next time you hire someone (including freelancers or contractors). Setup includes modifying an existing, managed workstation in preparation for the new user, plus setting up server, email and VPN accounts, if applicable. PLEASE NOTE: Freelancers and contractors on unmanaged Macs will be setup with Server, Email and VPN accounts at a flat-rate of $50 for standard, or $100 for priority service. Instructions will be provided and any support required will be billed at our hourly reactive rate ($200/hr).

User Termination (See Form)
When users leave your company there are several things that need to happen to maintain order and security. We will redirect or delete email accounts, archive local user accounts, change passwords for server and remote access, and do what it takes to help your office remain secure. Note: Any security changes that affect multiple people is billed hourly.



Turnaround Time
Flat-rate pricing is per machine, OS, or software title and varies based on turnaround time. The clock starts counting once ALL product is available and delivered. We cannot schedule based on anticipated delivery times. Clients who plan ahead are rewarded. 

Scheduled: Within 5 business days 
Priority: Within 48 business hours 

To qualify for flat-rate pricing, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The device must be covered under our Pro Support agreement. 
  2. The device must be no more than one one year beyond warranty. 
  3. We must be involved from recommendation-to-implementation, meaning we recommend or approve the additional work and we perform or oversee the implementation. Please read this Knowledge Base article for more clarification. 
  4. Depending on the project, we may require the Mac to be on the same local network as a modern OS X Server that we manage. 
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