Self Service - AppleJack

Ben Greiner -

We're proud to announce a new Self Service item available for immediate use: Run AppleJack. 

There are situations where our Support Desk will need a user run AppleJack and we often run AppleJack as a maintenance tool during onsite visits. This previously required manually intervention at startup (boot into Single User Mode then run 'applejack auto restart'). Now this can all be accomplished with the ease and comfort of Self Service!




When executed this policy performs the following:

  • sets NVRAM to force single user mode (SUM) on next boot
  • adds lines of code into the root profile
  • reboots the machine into SUM
  • loads the custom root profile (because the single user is root)
  • executes: applejack auto restart
  • removes NVRAM forced SUM setting
  • reboots the machine into the OS

You can execute this policy in two ways:

  1. Self Service > Troubleshooting > Run AppleJack
  2. Terminal, ARD or SSH > sudo jamf policy -trigger applejack

The policy is set to allow execution once per month to prevent over-zealous users from running it more often than necessary. 

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