Self Service - Spotlight

Ben Greiner -

We have a new Self Service option available immediately to all Pro Support clients: Rebuild Spotlight Index.




This item will run a shell script on the client machine that stops the Spotlight service, removes the Spotlight time-stamp database (required when permissions are incorrect, always handy) and forces the main database to rebuild on the root volume. The policy will allow the user to rebuild their Spotlight index once per day.

NOTE: If the client has a problem where they cannot see files when searching a network volume, this is not always solved by rebuilding on the end-user's machine. The permissions on the file on the server may not be set properly for Spotlight to scrape it in which case a simple propagation of permissions on the server should resolve the problem (temporarily! Spotlight server search is known to have ongoing problems). Mac OS X 10.5 is the most notorious culprit in these scenarios.
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