Self Service - Admin Power for Standard User Accounts

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Self Service - Admin Power for Standard User Accounts (and more!)

If you're a Forget Computer Pro Support client you'll find Self Service in the Applications folder of your managed Mac. It's also accessible from the Forget Computer SupportMenu. LaunchSelf Service to explore new software and updates available to install — at your convenience.


Self Service is customized for your Mac so only the updates, applications and maintenance routines authorized for your Mac will appear in Self Service. Authentication is NOT required, so even non-administrators can install software. Simply click on an icon to learn more and install.


With Self Service, you can choose when you want to install Software Updates, Common Applications or even Run Maintenance. The easiest way to launch Self Service is to go to the Forget Computers SupportMenu and select Self Service under the Tools menu.


Self Service is available as part of our Forget Computers and Robot Cloud services. If you don't have Self Service but would like to try it out, give us a call. Let us know what you think and contact us if you have ideas for more items to add to Self Service!



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