Prepare your iPad or iPhone for Remote Wipe

Ben Greiner -

Although very few people plan on it, everyone needs to prepare for the potential loss of their iPad or iPhone. When an iOS device is lost or stolen, the owner often begins to wonder what is on the device...

  • Sensitive emails? Changing the email password immediately following the loss will stop new messages from appearing on the device, but it will not stop people from reading messages that have already been downloaded.
  • Passwords stored on the device? Never store passwords in a document that can be easily read, such as email messages or PDFs. Instead, use a secure, encrypted tool like 1Password.
  • Incriminating photos or videos? Unless you're a public figure, who cares — but if the images are entertaining enough you may unexpectedly see yourself on the web one day. :) Secure your device with a Passcode to prevent anyone but you from browsing your content.

Fortunately, if you lose an iOS device it is possible to issue a remote command to erase everything on it. However, you must prepare the device BEFORE losing it. There are currently three ways to remotely wipe an iOS device:

  1. MobileMe Find my iPhone or iPad: This was $99/yr, but remote wipe was recently made free for everyone! iOS 4.2 is required.
  2. Exchange ActiveSync: If you use Exchange ask your email admin to help you configure your device for a remote wipe.
  3. Mobile Device Management: We offer this service as part of our iOS Management and Support packages.

IMPORTANT: if you have a 3G plan for the iPad or you've lost your iPhone do NOT cancel the data or phone plan until you can confirm the iOS device has been erased. The device must have a connection to the Internet to receive the remote wipe command. You will receive a confirmation email once the device is erased.

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