iPad (iOS) Deployment and Support Resources

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These links have been extracted from two great articles by Ryan Faas (although now a little outdated due to the release of iOS 4.2 in late Nov.)


Forget Computers iOS Toolkit -- iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch management and support solutions. (We added this one :)


Apple's iPad Enterprise Support Site -- the source for downloading the iPhone Configuration Utility as well as resources specific to Exchange and VPN requirements and troubleshooting for iPhone OS devices).


Apple's iPad Security Overview Documentation -- a summary of pertinent security information.

Apple's iPad Enterprise Deployment Scenarios Document -- includes general information and specific requirements/suggestions for features including: Exchange; VPN; WPA 2 Enterprise/802.1X, security certificate and PKI infrastructure; alternate mail, calendar, and contact server; and device configuration and management.


Apple's iPad in Business Site -- general iPad business and productivity information.

Apple's iPhone OS Enterprise Deployment Guide

Apple's iPhone in Business - Device Configuration Guide -- short guide of general information on what can be configured with the iPhone Configuration Utility, much of which is included in the Deployment Scenarios document.


Apple's iPad Enterprise Support and Discussion Forum

Apple's iPhone Dev Center

Apple's Enterprise Developer Program

Apple's Safari Dev Center -- useful for developing Web-based iPad applications.

Apple's iPhone in Business, Microsoft Exchange (PDF)


Manage iPad 3G account at http://att.com/ipad, they hide access under the "Add data now" button!?

Create an iTunes App Store account without a credit card

Five iPad safety tips for enterprise users

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