Microsoft Word 2008 - Font Problems

Ben Greiner -

Unfortunately, Microsoft Office 2008 has some serious font issues. The good news is there are workarounds. For example, if Univers 47 is active and working in other applications, but it won't show up in the Word font menu, then you can manually type the name "Univers-CondensedLightOblique" and apply the Italic style to get this font to appear in the list — but that's a real pain! 


A better solution is to open up an existing Word document with Univers 47 then copy and paste the previously formatted text into a new document. You can even copy and paste Univers 47 from InDesign into Word.


We hope Microsoft will fix this soon. Hopefully this will be fixed in Office 2011. If anyone discovers a better fix please let us know


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