How To Eject CrashPlan Backup Destinations

Ben Greiner -

Many of our clients swap backup destinations so they always have a safe copy offsite. (Although we now have automated cloud destinations that replace this manual process!) Simply ejecting a disk can be a problem because CrashPlan keeps "ties" with the disk and doesn't want to see it go. The solution is this...

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 12.15.03 PM.png

  1. From your server (use Screen Sharing if it's "headless") launch the FC CrashPlan Controller from the dock.
  2. Select "Stop CrashPlan PRO" (see above) and enter your server's local admin username and password.
  3. Once "The CrashPlan PRO engine has been stopped" (see below) click OK and eject/swap the drives. To properly eject a drive, drag the disk icon to the Trash. Do NOT simply unplug or power off the drive. 
  4. IMPORTANT: Once the drives are swapped (and the new drive powered on), launch the FC CrashPlan Controller again to "Start CrashPlan PRO".


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