Phonebooth to RingCentral VoIP Phone Migration

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  1. RingCentralSetup RingCentral exactly how you would like it to work (using temporary numbers).
  2. Reconfigure every Phonebooth phone for RingCentral (see below) with the exception of the phone associated with the main number.
  3. Phonebooth: Remove the main number from the Auto Attendant.
  4. Phonebooth: Create a new Group called "Redirect to RingCentral" with...
    1. Phone Number - The main number you just removed from the Auto Attendant.
    2. Group Members - Your primary phone (the only one NOT moved to RingCentral)
    3. Ring Duration - Ring for 2 seconds
    4. Final Destination - External Phone Number (Temporary RingCentral #) for 80 seconds
  5. RingCentral: Initiate phone porting.
  6. Test. Test. Test.


  1. It will always take longer than you want to port the number(s).
  2. AFTER PORTING... if any numbers were ported to a physical phone, then the affected phone will need to be updated with the new "User Name" (phone number) before it will work again after the port.
  3. You also must update your RingCentral login phone number (stop using the temporary number and begin using your ported number). In my case, I also had to reset the password before it would allow me access. Not sure why.



Reset the Phone to Factory Default, then Configure

  1. Press the "OK" button for 10 seconds.
  2. Choose "Yes" and wait for the Phone to reboot.
  3. To look up the IP address of the phone, Press the OK button on the phone, then you will see the IP address displayed. Open a web browser and type the IP address of the VoIP phone you just obtained into the address field. Login to the phone with your username and password. The default settings are ‘admin’ for username and password. 
  4. Configure the Account tab using the instructions below:
    • Account Active — Must be Enabled
    • Label — Enter the name you would like to be displayed on the phone, for example your
      first name.
    • Display Name — Field not used by RingCentral
    • Register Name — The value from the Authorization ID field of RingCentral configuration
      information. GET THIS FROM THE RING CENTRAL LOGIN ... Settings > Phone System > Phones > Select User Phone > Click Setup and Provision > Other Phone > Next.
    • User Name — The value from the User Name field of RingCentral configuration
    • Password — The value from the Password field of RingCentral configuration information
    • SIP Server — The value from the SIP Domain field of RingCentral configuration
      information, without the trailing: 5060 part; 5060 part should be filled in Port field
      behind SIP Server field.
    • Enable Outbound Proxy Server— Must be Enabled
    • Outbound Proxy Server — The value from the Outbound Proxy field of RingCentral
      configuration information, without the trailing: 5090 part; 5090 part should be filled in
      Port field behind Outbound Proxy Server field. YOU WILL HAVE TO CHANGE THIS.
    • Click Confirm button at the bottom of the screen. Now your configuration is done. 
  5. Phone Tab > change Time Zone and Time Format then Confirm to save.



Polycom SoundPoint IP 335

Reset Admin Password, Reset Phone to Factory Default, then Configure. You must be a RingCentral Admin to do this.

  1. Log into RingCentral using your direct number and the password you set up on first login. You should have received an email with the subject of "You have been added to your company's RingCentral business phone system" tp set this up initially.
  2. Once logged in, hover over the "Settings" tab at the top, select "Phone Systems". If you do not see "Phone systems" pop up when you hover over "Settings", you are not an admin. Please inquire with Ben before continuing.
  3. Click on "Phones" button at the bottom the "Phone Systems" panel on the left of this page.
  4. Click on your phone from the list in the middle.
  5. Click on the "Set up and Provisioning" link on the right, follow directions. It will ask for the phone's MAC address (all lowercase, no colons) which IS the serial number on Polycom phones. White sticker on back of phone, usually starts with 0004.... It will also ask for your phone model form the pull down menu. Phone will reboot again and should be set up from that point. 

The following directions are also displayed using the Polycom web wizard when you perform 1-5 above, but are put here for reference.

  1. Reset the Admin password. Use the Password Recovery instructions here, NOTE: You will only see stars (no feedback) when typing. You must switch between numbers and lowercase letters to enter the correct MAC address letters. 1-> for numeric a-> for lowercase, A-> for uppercase. The password will revert to 456, needed for the next step.
  2. Reset the phone: 
    1. On your phone, select the "Menu" key or soft-key.
    2. Settings-->Advanced (enter 456 password)-->Admin Settings-->Reset to Default-->Reset Local Config.
    3. "Yes" to confirm.
  3. Follow the Ring Central instructions
    1. Menu-->Settings-->Advanced--> Admin Settings-->Network Configuration-->DHCP Menu
    2. in DHCP Menu, select "Boot Server" and change it to "Static". Up and down arrow keys to change selection, right and left arrow keys to change the value of that selection. Then "back" (left arrow).
    3. Select "Server Menu..." (if you get lost, this is back in Menu-->Settings-->Advanced--> Admin Settings-->Network Configuration-->Server Menu...") and then select "Server Type". Use the arrows and "check" button to change to HTTP,
    4. Left arrow to go back. Select "Server Address..." enter:
      (change from "123" to "URL" in the in the keypad mode selection. * will enter a period, # will give you slashes, etc...)
    5. Go to "Server User" and "Server Password" and delete the entries that are there (both should be left blank).
    6. Left arrow to get out, it will ask to reboot the phone. "OK". Phone will reboot.
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    Ben Greiner
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    Ben Greiner

    Helpful Q&A from clients ...

    QUESTION: Can two phones share a single extension?

    ANSWER: This can be done. However, you'll need two digital lines ($29.99/mo each). Two phones can be assigned the same extension. The person calling in must call the main number, then the extension, to ring both phones. Another option is to assign both phones to their own, unique extension, then add the second phone in the "Call Handling & Forwarding" rules under "Forward to other user's phones".

    QUESTION: Can both a Chicago and New York number ring all phones and is there a way to identify which phone number people are calling into?

    ANSWER: Yes, in "Call Handling & Forwarding" under "Incoming Call Information" you can choose for the "Incoming number display to me: Called Number". However, you will lose the caller ID of the person calling.

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    Ben Greiner

    About the RingCentral Softphone...

    1. Runs from the Desktop (Mac or Windows).
    2. Requires a monthly license for full functionality. The Softphone can be your only phone!
    3. Optionally, you can run the Softphone as a second phone to a physical phone. However, without an additional paid monthly license, the Softphone can not make direct-dial outgoing calls. In this situation it can call one of your other phones (home or mobile) and then place the outgoing call. This allows you to place outgoing calls that look like you're calling from the office number.

    About the RingCentral Mobile App...

    1. Runs on iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android and Blackberry (wow!).
    2. Has full functionality for outgoing and incoming calls.
    3. Does not use cellular minutes. Uses data if you're on the cellular network, or free if you're on WiFi.
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    Ben Greiner

    Speed up the amount of time it takes to transfer calls (or extension-dial a fellow team member) with this simply change...

    Go into your RingCentral Settings, click on Call Handling & Forwarding, then SoftPhones & Smartphones, then change the "Wait x rings before forwarding begins" to 0. You'll still have a slight delay, but it won't be so long.


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    Ben Greiner

    RingCentral Mobile App drops calls...

    I understand that you are experiencing a problem with the calls on the RingCentral Mobile Application being dropped when a regular call comes in. I apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced. 

    Here's a brief explanation on how it works; If you are using the RingCentral Mobile Application at the same time when the regular call comes in, your phone gives priority to the regular incoming call, thus, placing your RingCentral call on hold automatically. 

    This is a normal behavior and as of the moment, there is no available setting on the RingCentral Mobile app or the phone to stop the calls from being placed on hold when a regular call comes in. This is because smart phones are designed to prioritize incoming calls from telecom providers over add-on or optional applications such as the RingCentral Mobile App. 

    On the other hand, our Product Enhancements team is already aware of this and is working on a possibility for you to hear beeps like what your phone does in call waiting, instead of calls being put on hold automatically when there's an incoming call. We are hoping that they can find a way to make this feature become available in the future. I am escalating your case to the next level of support for further review and response.

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    Ben Greiner
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    Ben Greiner

    Log in to RingCentral > Billing > International Calling and Enabled International Calling. I recommend going here to see the pricing for every region — and you can disable specific regions if you want.

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    Ben Greiner

    AT&T RingCentral Network Checklist PDF:

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