LogMeIn & ARD Bug

Ben Greiner -

From our experience, there appears to be a bug with LogMeIn and Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) in Mac OS X 10.6. If a Mac is running headless (no display) and LogMeIn is disconnected, then LogMeIn will lock the screen preventing future remote access via ARD (no window opens) and LogMeIn (solid black screen). (We have not yet tested this scenario with Mac OS X 10.7.)

The Fix

The fix is to run this command on the offending Mac either via the ARD UNIX command or through SSH:

  • sudo ps auxwww | grep loginwindow | grep root | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}' | xargs sudo kill -9

This kills the LogMeIn process that is restricting control and allows one to connect via ARD! The permanent solution is to disable LogMeIn screen locking when disconnected (per workstation), but that introduces a security risk so it's best to run the command as needed.

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