Package Bug in InDesign CS5

Ben Greiner -

We ran into a problem today with packaging files using InDesign CS5. So far the workarounds appear to include the following:

  1. Save down and package in CS4.
  2. Let CS5 crash at the end - it will hang at about 95% of the time. Force quit InDesign CS5, and then go into the package folder (it is created with all links and fonts successfully), take the fonts out of the "Documents Fonts" folder, and put them in a newly named folder ("fonts"). NOTE: If you attempt to open the packaged InDesign file without doing this, InDesign will hang on launch, and proceed to consume 100% of your CPU, bringing your entire Mac to a crawl.

There is talk about this on the Adobe Forums and one moderator mentioned that Adobe is aware of the problem. However, this problem is not currently listed in the "Known Issues" for CS5, and we could find no Adobe KB article. 

If anyone knows of a better solution, please share!

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    Liz Parker

    I think maybe fonts aren't the issue. I don't collect fonts and it still hangs for me. What I did find is that any existing docs made in CS4 hang up when packaging from CS5. New docs created in CS5 (with or without text on them) package just fine. The Force Quit menu shows a momentary "not responding" but it eventually finishes.

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    Ben Greiner

    Thanks for sharing Liz!

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    Sasha Zelle

    Best way is definitely  to save to down to CS4. Thanks for the comment. Surprised there is not more of this issue found online.

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    Edward paul

    Well when I have rendered through such package issue in my InDesign C4 then I followed the solution mentioned in this guide. You can also take help from this.

    How to fix InDesign CS4 Package problem?

    Other alternative solution:

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