Recommended Document Scanner Hardware & Software for Mac OS X

Ben Greiner -

I use the NeatWorks for Mac software with a Fujitsu ScanSnap document scanner. It works really well. I scan receipts, signed documents, business cards. Anything I want to file electronically — for searching digitally later — rather than gather dust in a filing cabinet. It can even perform OCR.

If you purchase the ScanSnap then I still recommend buying the NeatWorks software because it's a lot better than what ships with the ScanSnap. It's a virtual filing cabinet with search functionality so it makes finding documents a lot easier. If you have a document scanner that is not directly supported by NeatWorks you can simply scan and manually add the document to Neatworks.

Beware scanning business cards ... Although this is a helpful feature, don't believe the marketing hype that it's perfect. Someone still needs to scan each card and clean up or add missing contact information before adding the new contact to Apple's Address Book. But when it works, it can save a lot of time. Nothing I know of is perfect, but this is close.

Still considering a dedicated document scanner?


  • Fast & easy, it just works.
  • Great for receipts, administrative documents, scan-to-email.


  • Anything too small (like a really small receipt) will sometimes require taping to a larger sheet
  • Anything too thick or big simply can't be scanned. I've scanned my driver's license, but if it were a little thicker it wouldn't fit.
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    Ben Greiner

    I recently tested Mariner Software's Paperless application as a replacement for NeatWorks. Although I like the clean, Apple-look of the software, I couldn't delete unneeded scanned pages with the delete button or a shortcut (had to use the Menu bar). This slowed me down so I didn't test for long :(

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