How To - Reset Sync Services to fix Marketcircle Daylite Syncing Issues

Ben Greiner -

How to reset the synchronization history for your computer and try syncing again:

1) Turn Syncing Off for Daylite (Launch Daylite > log into your database > go to the Daylite Sync Preferences > Turn Syncing Off)

*IMPORTANT!:Take a note of your sync settings at this point, particularly whether you sync with the entire Address Book or a Dayllite Group in Address Book)

2) Create a backup of your Daylite Database

*(If you use a Shared database: Launch Daylite Server Admin and click the lock icon to authenticate yourself using your Mac user ID and password. Select the Databases tab and highlight the name of your database in the column to the left-side of the window. Now select the Backup Database button and choose Backup. Quit Daylite Server Admin).

*(If you use a Personal database: Launch Daylite > log into your database and select File > Database > Quick Backup)

3) Quit Daylite, iCal & Address Book (if running)

4) Launch MobileMe preferences (System Preferences > MobileMe > Sync)

5) Turn Syncing Off for the Computer (Uncheck the 'Synchronize with MobileMe')

6) Create backups of iCal & Address Book:

(Launch iCal > from the File menu, choose File > Back up iCal, name the backup file and choose where you want to keep it on your hard disk. Launch Address Book -> from the File menu, choose Export -> Address Book Archive to back up your entire Address Book database)

7) Quit iCal & Address Book

9) Turn Syncing back on for the Computer System Preferences > MobileMe > Sync > Check  'Synchronize with MobileMe')

10) Reset Sync Data in MobileMe (System Preferences > MobileMe > Sync > Advanced > click on the 'Reset Sync Data' button)

11) Turn Syncing Back on for Daylite (Launch Daylite -> log into your database -> go to the Daylite Sync Preferences -> Turn Syncing On)

*IMPORTANT!: Please refer to the notes you took in Step 1 and set up the settings you had earlier. Please ensure that you select "I'll add contacts myself later" and "I'll add my organizations later", this will retain your previous sync list settings.

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