Daylite Data Migration from NUDC

Ben Greiner -

Here is the process I used to import data from NUDC/Excel to Daylite:

  1. Save a copy of Now Contact database. Open copy (offline) and perform the Now Contact merge command. Then export all the fields to a delimited file.
  2. Open delimited file in Excel and clean-up: remove visible return symbols and extra quote marks (often in notes field) that will cause errors in the import
  3. Copy and paste information into a new Excel file to eliminate the importing of blank data fields
  4. Save files as csv format
  5. Import Organizations:
    • Be sure to choose “Organization” in the “Kind” pop-up field
    • Before import save import template for reuse
    • Check “Unique” box next to Organization Name source
  6. MIGHT BE UNNECESSARY: Repeat Import of Organization file (exactly as above). The second import will populate the address information (update: I recently did a bulk edit before the second import and the addresses appeared so it’s more likely a screen redraw issue).
  7. Cleanup in Daylite. Check for and remove “null” companies and notes with no Link Detail
  8. Import Contacts:
    • Be sure to choose “Contact” in the “Kind” pop-up field
    • Before import save import template for reuse
    • Check “Unique” box next to Organization, First Name, Last Name and Email source

Special Notes:

  • The Category field would not import properly so I used the “Extra Field 1” destination and then did a bulk edit to apply the Category
  • I also used the Bulk Edit command (under the Edit menu) to “Copy Default Address from Organization” to the Contacts
  • Restart the Mac after sharing the database.



In Openbase Manager, you can create a daily backup schedule for the 

chosen database:

  • Select said database in the Local list
  • In the action (gear) menu, select “Configure Database”
  • Authenticate with Admin username/password
  • Select Backup tab
  • Enter backup schedule details
  • Save and close.
  • More info:
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    Ben Greiner

    This process has been MUCH improved by Daylite...



    Contacts and appointments can be brought into Daylite from the Now database. The Now importer uses Applescript to extract values from Now Contact and Now Up-To-Date. The first step always is to import your contacts from Now Contact into Daylite. Following this procedure, you can import appointments into Daylite from NUTD. You should have only one document open while doing an import (in both applications). It is advisable that you create a backup of your database and then do the import. Always try doing an import into a test database, so you can get a feeling as to how and where data is being imported. If you are not satisfied, you can adjust some settings or try a different import technique.


    For step by step instructions, please refer to the Apple Help article within Daylite entitled "Importing Now-Up-To-Date and Contact Data".

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