How To - Activate Email Auto-Reply and Forwarding

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It's often best to login to webmail to activate your Auto-Reply (Out-of-Office or Vacation) message and NOT use the Auto-Reply feature of your desktop email application. If you're a Forget Computers Pro Support client and you host your email with us (Rackspace), please visit or to login to your account.

Vacation and Mail Forwarding 
You can use the Vacation Message feature to automatically reply to messages you receive while you are on vacation or away for a period of time. 

  1. Click the Settings link, located in the upper right corner. 
  2. Choose Incoming Email from the left column and in the Auto-Reply area on the right: 
  •  Change the Status to On
  •  Compose your Auto-Reply Message.
  •  Enable a Start on and End on date and time (this is optional, but recommended)
  •  IMPORTANT: Click Save.

Now all incoming mail will automatically generate a reply that contains your vacation message. EACH SENDER WILL RECEIVE ONLY ONE AUTO-REPLY.

Additionally, If you want to forward all incoming messages to another email account, while you are away then select the Forwarding tab, change the Status to ON, enter the Forward to email address and hit Save (again). 

NOTE: If you do not use the scheduling feature, please remember to turn the status OFF when you return from your office get-a-way.

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