Rackspace: How to create a vacation or out-of-office message

Christopher Cole -

What do you do with your email when you are going to be away from it for more than a day? Most people use an out-of-office message, and if you're on Rackspace (as many of our Pro Support clients are), it's easy to do, especially if you follow this step-by-step guide:

1. Go to https://apps.rackspace.com/ 
2. Enter your email address and password. 
3. In the upper right corner, click on Settings. 
4. In the window that appears, click on Incoming Mail. 
5. In Incoming Mail, click on Auto-Reply. 
6. Click on the radio button marked On, then type your auto-reply message. 
7. If desired, click on the check box marked Enable Only During Time Frame, and choose the start and end date. 
8. When all is set as desired, click the Save button in the lower right corner.

Voila! Go have a great vacation, and remember to contact us with ANY questions.

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    Bryan Fritchie

    OOO replies can't be turned on/off through Outlook if we're using Exchange?!?

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