Where to Host a Web Site

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Where to Host a Web Site

We recommend turning to your web designer or developer for web hosting advice. Also, consider that domain and email hosting is not the same as web hosting. It's OK to have web, email, and domain hosting split across providers. For serious businesses, avoid "all-in-one" hosting packages from the likes of GoDaddy because these tend to deliver quality in only one piece of the package.

Regardless of where you host your website, we recommend hosting email at Rackspace.com, Office 365 or Google. If you're a client of Forget Computers. Contact us. We can help.

TIP: Do not allow your web designer/developer to make DNS changes. DNS changes can be complex and we've seen several good-intentioned yet inexperienced people break email while making these changes.

A Few Popular Web Hosts

If you're looking for a Chicago area hosting provider and want Search Engine Optimization (SEO) advice, then turn to Design & Promote. Also, check out their article on securing your website.

Dedicated/Developer (moderate to expensive)
Maybe overkill for most small businesses unless you need absolute control over your site (i.e. a specific Linux distro to host your web app or database).

Shared (inexpensive)

Content Management Systems (Free)

Most people involved with web development (even the geeks) are starting to host their sites on inexpensive CMS services like Tumblr and Squarespace because they're:

  1. Just as much of a regular host as any of the others but cut out the unnecessary stuff you don't need such as email hosting, complicated management, installing a CMS etc.
  2. Complete control over the design with HTML and CSS just as you would with a regular host.
  3. Simple but powerful. These services may be free or just as much as a regular host, but a lot of popular blogs are hosted with these services because there is nothing to worry about i.e. security, patching, bandwidth etc. but still offers complete control over the design.



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