How To - Use Amazon S3 for file hosting with Transmit

Kiran Max Weber -

  1. Sign up for Amazon S3 here: and purchase a copy of Transmit here:
  2. Sign into Amazon Web Services and navigate to Account > Security Credentials and record your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.
  3. Launch Transmit click on the Connect tab. Under Protocol select Amazon S3. Enter your Access Key ID into the User Name field, enter your Secret Access Key into the Password field. The Server field will be populated for you. Click Connect.
  4. Click on the right column so that it is highlighted and then navigate to File > New Bucket... Enter any name into the Name field. This could be a date string, a project name etc. Click Create.
  5. Double click on the bucket you just created and upload any files you would like to host. You can either drag and drop or navigate to Transfer > Upload.
  6. Once the files are uploaded, highlight each file one at a time and navigate to File > Get Info.
  7. Under Permissions, change the Read drop down from Owner to World. Click Apply.
  8. Highlight the file you would like to link to, right click on it, and select Copy Path.
  9. Paste the copied link into an IM, email, tweet, website, etc.
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    Joanna Webber

    SO helpful. Thanks!

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