Quark - QLA - How to Update a QLA License

Ben Greiner -

  1. From the server visit the QLA License Administrator web site, select Language and Region, click continue and login.
  2. Click the Choose File button, locate the QLALicense.dat file located in Applications > Quark > Quark License Administrator > Server > and click the Submit button.
  3. Download the new file to the desktop and log off the web site.
  4. In the Finder locate the original QLALicense.dat file, duplicate the file and date the file (example: QLALicense.dat Jan 2010).
  5. If the newly downloaded file ends in ”.exe” remove this extension.
  6. Replace the original file with the newly downloaded file.
  7. Open the QLA Server window and confirm the current number of Licenses. Update the Writeboard to reflect the current and old license numbers.
  8. (Not needed for QLA 4.5, no QuarkDispatch) Select the Stop Server button. Relaunch the server from the QLAServer.command in the Dock (minimize the QLA Server and Terminal window—do NOT close these windows).
  9. (Not needed for QLA 4.5, no QuarkDispatch) FINAL STEP (Required if you updated either the QPS or QLA license) QuarkDispatch Server must be shut down and restarted.
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