How To - set up rsync as a backup solution

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Set up the rsync Shell Script

1. Download our Forget Computers rsync template:

2. Change the SOURCE and DESTINATION volumes to meet your criteria.

3. Save the script in /Library/Scripts on the boot volume.


Setup the crontab using CronniX

1. Download and install Cronnix:

2. Launch Cronnix. Click on Open and type root. Authenticate and acknowledge warning message.

3. Select New and then Simple. Enter your desired trigger values.

4. In the Command window type: sh /Library/Scripts/

5. Select New and then Save.


The script will execute with root privileges at the time you specified. It is important to execute the script as root as the volumes often have varied permissions that would prevent a normal user crontab from completing successfully. Additionally when executing a crontab there is no way to simply sudo to run as root. The crontab executes with the authority of the user it is created in.


Be careful and make sure to test your POSIX paths! We do NOT want to mistakenly fill up a server's hard drive.


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