Data Recovery from a Failed Mac Hard Drive

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There are two types of data:

  1. Data that's backed up. (We use CrashPlan PRO on our client workstations to keep data continuously safe.)
  2. Data that's not yet lost. (Contact us if you'd like to add a workstation to your existing backup).

For our Pro Support clients, Forget Computers will diagnose and attempt data recovery on a failed hard disk at the flat-rate of $99 (messenger or drop-off your Mac to our office) or $199 (we'll pick up your Mac). We'll attempt to recover as much data as possible. Full recovery is sometimes NOT possible. If we're unable to recover ANY (zero) data, then we'll waive the charge and consult Drive Savers for a free estimate.

If you're not a Pro Support client and you prefer to contact Drive Savers directly, then use our Drive Savers referral code, 91225 to receive a free estimate (even on RAIDs!) plus 10% off your data recovery (click here to get started.)

Government/Education/Student/Non-Profit rate*
If you are a City, State or Federal Agency please be sure to let Drive Savers know when calling for a quote. They have government pricing and contracts in place that offer great benefits to these establishments and often are extended to Non-Profits or Education entities as well. If a single drive is under 200 GB, the overall savings at this time is approximately 27%. 

*Additionally, with our referral code (91225) you will receive another 10% discount, making the overall savings 37% on the 5-7 business day turn around! (This does not apply to any flat rate pricing)

Insurance Covering Data Loss:
We have found that home-owners, renters and business insurance have been covering the cost of Drive Savers data recovery services. For some insurance carriers, it is being called "loss of intellectual property". It may be described as valuable records and documents. Another section to look over would be in the property/casualty coverage — blanket coverage would include data loss along with the property damage or business interruption. Even renters insurance may cover the recovery. It's worth pursuing — nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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    Ben Greiner

    DriveSaver hard drive simulator for for iPhone is a great tool for understanding hard drive failures

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