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We feel Dave Rothfeld (a sales, service and management coach — not a technology consultant) articulates well why keeping up with technology is important. We'd simply like to add that we encourage all our clients to contact us before making technology changes, to ensure the changes make good business sense.


Reprinted with permission from Creative Sales + Management, Inc.

We live in an ever-changing world. By the time you buy a new computer or a piece of equipment, it's already out of date because there's a better one coming down the assembly line. The challenge is to keep up, have the latest in technology and equipment, and maintain your position in the marketplace. The secret is to budget a fixed amount that will allow you to keep up and remain a state-of-the-art operation. Staying on the cutting edge will give you an advantage when turning prospects into customers!

There's a printing shop in Las Vegas that has a policy of investigating any and every piece of new equipment that comes on the market. If they have a printing press that is only a year old and a new and better one is offered by the manufacturer, they investigate it to see if it's truly a better product. If it is, they immediately sell the one they have and buy the new that offers them the latest and greatest in features and benefits. Because they have the best in equipment and people, they also attract the best customers. Most of their printing is for Fortune 500 companies' annual reports and for the Las Vegas gambling casinos who want nothing but the best.

The world is moving on whether you do or not. The secret is to keep up with the latest technology to best serve your customer.

Dave Rothfeld

Sales, service and management coach

Creative Sales + Management, Inc.


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