Create Roles to Best Define Technology Needs

Ben Greiner -

Too often we hear from clients (in a panic) that they need a new computer for someone who started yesterday. It's always best to contact us BEFORE the new hire starts. In addition, it's really beneficial to define this persons role in your company because this will help define the appropriate hardware and software the new hire needs to perform their job.

Are they a designer, a copywriter, or an administrator? What hardware and software do they need? Quickly jot down the roles in your company and the software they use. Don't worry if there are exceptions (there will be). Simply define the roles, so it's easier and quicker to make an informed decision when the time comes. Sample questions to get you started defining roles are below. Pro Support clients, please share your roles with us.



  • Laptop (15 or 17-inch) or Desktop?
  • Adobe CS?
  • Microsoft Office or Apple iWork?
  • Font Management?
  • Font licenses?
  • FTP software?
  • VPN access?



  • Laptop (13 or 15-inch) or Desktop?
  • Microsoft Office or Apple iWork?
  • Accounting Software?
  • VPN access?
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