How To - Compress files in Mac OS X

Mike Shanholtz -

Hello Mac users,

This is a friendly reminder about Mac OS X’s built in ability to compress files or folders. Mac OS X has the ability to create .zip files, which are more universally accepted, and do not require any third party applications to compress or decompress on Macintosh machines. For this reason, Stuffit is no longer  required (nor recommended) for compressing files. Stuffit Expander may still be required to decompress items received from clients or vendors that continue to send files compressed by Stuffit

Procedure for compressing files or folders in Mac OS X:

  1. Highlight the desired file or folder.
  2. Right click (or hold down the control key and click ) the highlighted item. Or with the highlighted item selected, go to  “File” in the Menu bar.
  3. Select Compress "file/folder name”. This will create a compressed .zip of the selected file or folder, (leaving the original item intact and uncompressed).

Please contact Forget Computers if you have any issues or questions regarding this procedure.

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