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Create a Naming Convention to improve your workflow!

There are many ways to name files and folders. It's best to create a naming convention for your office so everyone can store, retrieve and share files most efficiently. To achieve the best, forward-thinking compatibility use file names that are compatible with all platforms, applications and the Internet.

  • Limit file name length to 32 characters.
  • Use dashes instead of spaces (underscores get lost in web-links so avoid those too).
  • Avoid using symbols: < > : " / \ | ? * [ ]
  • Format dates in a simple manner. For example the date May 15, 2010 can be represented as 2010-05-15. This helps keep the files sorted in order in the Macintosh Finder, Windows Explorer as well as within digital asset management applications like Extensis Portfolio.

Example naming conventions:


Naming includes


Company name, project name, version number


Part name, part number, version number


Company name, date (YYYY-MM-DD), version number


If you have a great naming convention please share it with us! Contact us or comment below.

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