Workflow - Create a Naming Convention

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Workflow - Create a Naming Convention

Create a Naming Convention to improve your workflow!

There are many ways to name files and folders. It's best to create a naming convention for your office so everyone can store, retrieve and share files most efficiently. To achieve the best, forward-thinking compatibility use file names that are compatible with all platforms, applications and the Internet.

  • Limit file name length to 32 characters.
  • Use dashes instead of spaces (underscores get lost in web-links so avoid those too).
  • Avoid using symbols: < > : " / \ | ? * [ ]
  • Format dates in a simple manner. For example, the date May 15, 2010, can be represented as 2010-05-15. This helps keep files sorted in the proper order in the Macintosh Finder, Windows Explorer as well as within digital asset management applications like Extensis Portfolio or Webdam.

Example Naming Conventions


Naming includes


Company name, project name, version number


Part name, part number, version number


Company name, date (YYYY-MM-DD), version number


If you have a great naming convention please share it with us! Contact us or comment below.




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