How To - Create a Shared Mac Folder in VMWare Fusion

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These instructions will allow you to share any folder on your Mac so that it is easily accessible in Windows. Please follow each of these steps to start sharing!


1. Launch VMWare, Select 'Settings' from the 'Virtual Machines' menu at the top of your screen.


2. Find the 'Sharing' section. It differs depending what version of VMWare you are using. 


3. Check the box to 'Share folders on your Mac'. Click the '+' icon to browse and add a folder. Name the folder, check the Enable box and click apply.


4. In Windows click on the 'Start' menu and select 'My Computer'.


5. In that Window click on the 'Tools' menu and select 'Map Network Drive'.


6. In the 'Drive' box, select which letter you want to represent your shared folder. Most common is 'Z' but this is not required.


7. Click the 'Browse' button next to the 'Folder' box.


8. Navigate to the following folder by clicking:

    Network Places, Entire Network, VMWare Shared Folders, .host, Shared Folders, YOUR FOLDER NAME.

    Click on 'OK'.


9. Click on 'Finish'. It may ask you for your Windows login and password. Enter those if prompted.


You are all set! You will see your shared folder in the 'My Computer' window in Microsoft Windows.


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    David LeCzar

    There is also the following procedure :

    Go in your virtual machine settings and select 'Options' tab.
    Click on 'Folder Sharing' and tick 'Always enabled'.
    Click on 'Add' button and select a folder you want to share.
    Confirm virtual machine settings.
    From 'System preferences' on Mac OS X, select 'Sharing'.
    Make sure that 'File Sharing' is enabled.
    From top menu bar, select 'Go' and 'Computer'.
    You will now see a folder named '/'. This is your shared folder between Windows 7 and Mac OS X.

    Reference :

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