Best Anti-Virus Software for Mac

Ben Greiner -

The best anti-virus software for the Mac is none at all. There are currently no viruses actively attacking the Mac, malware is not a problem and Mac exploits have only been theoretical to this point. If a virus as lame as the OSX/Leap-A virus (sounds really scary, right?) can make headline news then just imagine what will happen when a real virus begins a Mac attack. We will all certainly hear about it.


To be fair, there was a recent trojan virus attached to a pirated copy of iWork ‘09. 20,000 people downloaded the software. This is equivalent to $1,580,000 in stolen software. Maybe these people got what they deserved. They downloaded illegal software and entered their admin username and password during installation. The best way to avoid viruses is to download and install only trusted files from trusted sources.


To be really fair, Macs can be virus carriers. It is possible that a Mac can receive a virus from a Windows user and pass it on to a Windows users. But is it really the job of us Mac users to stop the spread of Window viruses? Come on, if a Windows user really wants to stop viruses, they could simply buy a Mac. What would Windows users do if they didn’t have to spend so much time and money fighting viruses? How much more productive would they be working on fast, virus free computers? Speaking of Windows, if you run Windows on your Mac then you will want anti-virus protection for the Windows OS. Intego offers a dual Mac+Windows package for $80.


OK, if you’re still uneasy about viruses (and still reading this post), then install anti-virus software and run it occasionally, or when the National Threat Advisory is red, but don’t set it to auto-scan your hard drive too often, it will only get in the way and slow you down. We’re currently recommending two options...


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