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Sometimes, you need or want to revert to a previous revision of a particular file in QPS. Perform the following steps to resolve the issue.

CLIENT APPROACH (client side)

1. Login to QPS as administrator

2. From within QuarkXPress > QuarkDispatch > View Revisions for all projects.

3. After several minutes (it takes a long time) Quark will display the revisions. Choose one and continue.

ADMIN APPROACH (server side)

1. Open QuarkDispatch Manager as administrator.

2. Perform a query for the problem publication.

3. Click on the triangle next to the "Name" column and select Show > Full Path.

4. Note the full path location (new column) of the project, and navigate to this location on the server. The name is the master file and name.number are the revisions. (Example: LI07 is the master file; LI07.5 is the 5th revision of the master file)

5. Locate the revision you want and make a copy to the desktop.

6. Copy the master file into a folder on the desktop called Old [Job Name] File.

7. Rename the original master file as [name.OLD].

8. Rename the revision [name.number] as [name]

9. Restart Quark Dispatch.

10. Go back to the workstation/user and check out the project (which is now the revision).

We have found that using the Admin approach works on a much more consistent basis, but either process is valid. The Admin approach doesn't allow anyone else to make changes while you're fixing the problem, which is possible with the Client approach.

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