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Sometimes, a file will show up in the QuarkConnect window as checked out by a certain user, even though it has been checked in by that user. If this is the case, perform the following steps:

1. Remotely connect to or sit down in front of the user's computer.

2. Make sure they already have the QPS share mounted (already logged in).

3. Log out of any open QPS applications (Quark XPress, Quark Connect, or Quark Copy Desk).

4. Login to QPS as an administrator.

5. If you are in Quark CopyDesk, go up to QuarkDispatch, select Query Palette and click on admin assignments.

6. Select Other to find the files in question in the assignment's pull-down menu, if necessary.

7. Select the document that is checked out.

8. Hold down the Option key and select Override Checkout (the Checkout button).

9. Then abort the checkout by the administrator by selecting the Abort Checkout button at the top.

At this point, the document in question should be able to be checked in normally, and the user can continue working as usual.

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