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Building a QPS style sheet is easier than you'd think. Follow these steps to build and implement a new style sheet:

1. Move the existing preferences from QuarkXPress to the desktop (Home Folder/Preferences/Quark). This forces QuarkXPress to create a fresh baseline preference file upon next launch.

2. Without opening any project or file, do one of the following:

* Configure the QuarkXPress preferences exactly how you need them to be, OR

* Perform the following steps:

** Go to File > Append and select a previously saved QuarkXPress document that has the appropriate preferences settings. NOTE: the Baseline Grid setting will have to be manually configured (appending the preferences will have no effect on this setting).

** From the Append pop-up window, click on "Include All" (This will append all the style sheets from the project to the application) then click "OK"

** Go to Preferences > Paragraphs, and make sure the Baseline Grid matches the template's Baseline Grid.

3. Quit QuarkXPress.

4. Launch QuarkXPress and create a new file. Confirm all the preferences are exactly how you need them to be.

5. Quit QuarkXpress.

6. Move the new preference file to the server for importing into QPS by the QPS Admin.

7. Return your original preference file from the Desktop to Home Folder/Preferences/Quark (you can also trash the file, which forces Quark to build a new preference file if you don't care to keep your old settings).

8. Contact the QPS Admin and request the new preference file be imported into QPS. Provide any additional information necessary (i.e., the client name and publication).

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