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If ALL QPS publications are exhibiting slowness then you will need to restart your QuarkDisptach server.

If a single QPS publication is exhibiting slowness then try the following (NOTE: The slowness may be connected to a change in a style sheet): 

1. Check out all the articles in the troubled project and check the whole thing back in. If the speed does not improve then proceed to step 2.

2. From a workstation checkout the QPS publication with attachments

3. Save As to the local desktop

4. Via QuarkDispatch Manager (using the one on your QPS server) 

** Archive the publication with revisions

** Delete the publication and articles (be careful to only delete what was saved out and archived)

5. Go back to the workstation and check the local Quark file back into QPS (choose the appropriate client and "yes" in several pop-up boxes)

6. Assign the articles (best done by the designer)

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