Dialectic - Daylite - Speakeasy VoIP

Ben Greiner -

Dialectic is phone dialing software that we use in combination with Daylite and Speakeasy VoIP service to save time when dialing phone numbers and documenting phone conversations.

  1. Download Dialectic software and install.
  2. Download, unzip and run (be patient) this Speakeasy AppleScript. If the AppleScript does not work, then open the Dialectic preferences and continue with step three and four.
  3. In the Dialectic preferences go to Dial Methods and select Speakeasy on the left. Enter your Speakeasy phone number (username) and password. Choose Service Type: Business VoIP 2. (Contact us if you don't know your password).
  4. While still in the In the Dialectic preferences go to Dialing Rules and configure (or confirm if you ran the AppleScript successfully) all the Configure Call Types are set for Dial Method Speakeasy.
  5. Try dialing a phone number from Daylite: click on a phone number. In the subsequent window, confirm the Device pop-up says Dialectic. Hit Dial, then answer your phone when it rings and wait for the the outgoing call to complete.

Remember, if you're a Pro Support Client and you need help with software we've installed, you can contact us at no additional charge and we'll resolve your issue.


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