EMC Retrospect v8.0 pricing

Kiran Max Weber -

Retrospect 8.0 for Mac will ship during the first quarter of 2009 in three English language editions, (all prices listed are U.S. suggested retail pricing):

  • Retrospect 8.0 Desktop 3-User (Protects a single, non-server Mac and up to two additional networked Mac, Linux, or Windows desktops and laptops. Additional desktop/laptop client licenses and support and maintenance will be available separately.)
    • New: $129
    • Upgrade from Desktop edition: $59
  • Retrospect 8.0 Single Server (Protects a single Mac OS X Server and an unlimited number of networked Mac, Linux, and Windows desktops and laptops. Includes 1 year support and maintenance. Additional server client licenses will be available separately.)
    • New: $809
    • Upgrade from Workgroup edition: $539
    • Upgrade from Workgroup edition to cover 20 clients: $279
  • Retrospect 8.0 Multi Server (Protects an unlimited number of networked Mac, Linux, and Windows servers, desktops, and laptops; includes 1 year support and maintenance.)
    • New: $1,669
    • Upgrade from Server edition: $939

Individuals and organizations that purchased a new Retrospect 6.1 license on or after January 14, 2008, qualify for a free upgrade to Retrospect 8.0. Details will be made available when version 8.0 ships later this quarter.


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