Quark - QPS - How to Fix Document Corruption

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If the project is corrupt, you can perform the following steps to perform a "thumbnail drag" on the project:

  1. Open the project.
  2. Go to Layout > Layout Properties and note down the project specifications.
  3. Create a new project with exact specifications.
  4. Change the view of both the projects to thumbnail view (view > Thumbnails)
  5. Tile the projects (Window > Tile)
  6. Select all the pages from the corrupted project while holding down the shift key.
  7. Drag these pages to the new project, under the blank page that you see.
  8. Close the corrupted project.
  9. Change the view of the new project to 'actual size'.
  10. From the Page Layout, delete the first blank page.
  11. Save the project as a new asset.
  12. Check-in the Project as a new asset.


Please note that the project will lose all its attachments after thumbnail drag and you will need to reattach the articles.

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