Quark - QPS - Tips for Better Performance and Crash Recovery

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Save Often

Users need to perform a “Save” often (NOT a “Save As” or Revision save) — especially when making changes that will affect QPS (drag and drops, assignments, update content, etc.) This is because QPS stores all header information in RAM until a document is saved. If a crash occurs and the changes are only stored in RAM, then the changes are lost.

Crash During Check-in?

The last two steps of a QPS check-in:

  1. The local Quark file is deleted from the workstation.
  2. The database flag is changed from checked-out to checked-in.

If a crash occurs during check-in and the local XPress file is available then QPS might report the file is still checked out. In this case, the user can double-click on the publication in the Query palette and follow the instructions asking to locate the local XPress file.

If a crash occurs and the local XPress file is missing when QPS says the file is still checked out then step two did not complete. In this case force a check-in (login to QPS from a workstation as the Admin user and override the check-in by holding down the Option key).


Disable the ability to create secondary articles (push-pins) via the user class privileges in the QPS config file. Primary (paperclips) are all that are needed by most users. Secondary articles (read-only in QuarkXPress) can be used to link a single article to multiple QPS publications so updating occurs in a single location.

When reverting to a previous revision, an error message may appear stating that there is a problem with the QPS Articles. This does not mean there is a problem with the Article, it simply means that there is no way to attach the current Article to the current revision, because they don’t match. The user must create new Articles (sometimes it is possible to reattach the article).

Remote Access

Remote access of QPS is best used only by CopyDesk users (not XPress).

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