Best UPS (Battery Backup) for Apple Macs

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A Uninterruptible/Universal Power Supply (UPS), often referred to as a battery backup, is required to protect and extend the life of expensive computer equipment by supplying the equipment with good clean power.

Yes, it's difficult to invest in a product that produces a return one can't see. However, we recommend battery backups because we have seen an increase in power related issues over the years as people plug more power-hungry devices into the grid. If you've ever lost work due to a power-outage or brownout, then you know how nice it would have been to have had a battery backup.

We have long recommended the APC Backup-UPS RS 800 (and similar) as a battery backup solution for iMacs and PowerMac G5s. However, this unit can NOT support a Mac Pro.

According to APC, the minimum UPS for a Mac Pro is the Smart-UPS 750 (part number SUA750). Below is a summary of our current battery backup recommendations. Although the links below reference Amazon, you can sometimes find better deals at

Mac Server

Mac Pro workstation

iMac or Mac mini workstation 

More Info

A 2.8GHz Mac Pro has a maximum power consumption of 318 Watts. Add a 30” display (150 Watts) and the total rises to 468 Watts. If you simply need battery backup for a Mac Pro and display then a Smart-UPS 750 (500 Watts) is fine. If you'll be plugging in additional devices then a Smart-UPS 1000 (670 Watts) is a better solution.

Before buying any new product we strongly recommend our Pro Support clients contact us for a free purchasing consultation.


Notebooks have their own built-in batteries so a UPS is not required, but power protection against surges is always a good idea. We recommend Belkin's Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger for protecting your notebooks in the office or while traveling.

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    APC offers a Trade-UPS Program to conveniently trade-in your old UPS for a new one.

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