Backup and Archive Solutions for Creative Pros




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    Ben Greiner

    One more storage case option for hard drives ...

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    Ben Greiner

    Good article from Attempo:

    ** Archive or Backup? What’s the difference and why you need both**


    What's the difference between backup and archive solutions?

    While “backup” and “archive” are often used interchangeably, they are two different functions. We offer products for both, and we often have customers requesting backup software when an archive solution would work better for them. The key differences? Backup is designed for disaster recovery, while archive is designed for long-term preservation and reducing storage capacity.

    If you’re only backing up and not archiving, then you are probably over-spending on storage hardware. Plus, you could shorten your backup windows by rolling out an archive solution. And if you’re currently using a “backup-then-delete” process as a de facto archive, you are not getting the automation, transparent access, and metadata search that a true archive solution brings.


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