Cloud Backup Add-on: $5 per User per Month

Ben Greiner -

Cloud Backup can be added to any existing onsite backup that uses the Forget Computers CrashPlan PROe system. Cloud Backup provides an offsite backup destination and offsite disaster restore option. If disaster strikes (i.e, fire, water damage, or theft) and destroys primary storage and local backups, then data can be restored from the Cloud Backup. Additional details are below. Contact us to get started today!

  • Cloud backup is ideal for notebook users.
  • Current pricing is a fantastic, $5 per user per month with an existing CrashPlan PROe license.
  • A full backup or restore of a few hundred GB of data could take several days to complete. The actual time it takes to complete will vary greatly based on the speed of your Internet connection, in addition to the amount and type of data involved.
  • In a disaster situation — where workstation and local backup are lost — a new Mac can restore email from the email server, and Dropbox or Box data from the cloud. Primary project data from specific folders can then be restored from Cloud Backup. Remaining, low priority files can be restored in the background at your leisure.
  • All plans exceed industry best practices for security
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