When should I contact the Support Desk?

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When should I contact the Support Desk?

Central to our support solutions is our Support Desk — a single point of contact to turn to for timely help with technical needs.

It can be difficult for new or potential clients to understand the benefit of our Support Desk and when it’s appropriate to contact us.

If you think of Forget Computers as your dedicated technology team, ready to help with ALL your technology needs, then you’ll begin to understand that it’s appropriate, even encouraged, to contact us when you have a question, need help, or feel frustrated with technology (but please don’t take the frustration out on us, we’re here to help). 

Sometimes a Support Desk inquiry may lead to the need for Additional Work. However, you will be notified and given the opportunity to approve any Additional Work before additional fees are incurred. We don’t like surprise invoices and we suspect you don’t either.

It’s difficult to anticipate all scenarios, but below is a sample list of reasons to contact our Support Desk:

  • Pre-sales consultation (call us before you buy!)
  • New hire will arrive in 2 weeks (not yesterday :-)
  • Internet, web or email issues
  • Networking, workflow or file issues
  • Server problems or questions
  • Software and hardware problems or questions
  • Warranty questions
  • Scheduling and billing questions
  • Considering a software upgrade

If you're a client or ours then do NOT call Adobe, Quark, Microsoft, Extensis, Apple, Cisco, GoDaddy, your ISP or any other vendor. Requesting help from these companies will often waste a lot of time and their assistance may make things worse. Simply call us. Below are a few tips for using our Support Desk:

  • It’s ALWAYS FREE to contact our Support Desk. When in doubt, contact us.
  • Phone calls to 312 602.5345 x1 take priority over emails to support@forgetcomputers.com and online tickets. If it’s urgent, call us.
  • There is never a dumb question.
  • It can often help to restart your Mac (but NOT your server) before calling.  

Five Ways To Reach Us

  1. Call 312 602.5345 x1 (phone calls get priority).
  2. Use the Forget Computers SupportMenu application to Request Support.
  3. Email support@forgetcomputers.com.
  4. Visit http://support.forgetcomputers.com/ and open a ticket.
  5. Stop by our office: 1020 S. Wabash, Chicago, IL



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